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  • Basics of Microservices - Part 4: The Netflix Hystrix Service

    The core microservice presented in the parts from 1 to 3 was assuming that everything happens as expected and all the events and conditions are on the happy path. This is not always the case. For example, our ActiveMQ broker may experience issues and be only partially available. Or it may simply be stopped. Or the network failure might prevent the connections to get established, etc.

    In all these cases the consumer calls the service which will finally timeout but, before doing that, might waste resources without eventually being able to fulfill its role. Entry Netflix Hystrix service.

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  • Basics of Microservices -Part 2: The Spring Cloud Configuration Server

    The first part of « Basics of Microservices » (http://nicolasduminil.blogspirit.com/archive/2018/05/25/basics-of-microservices-with-spring-boot-3106415.html) shown how to develop and deploy a complex microservice with Spring Boot. In this part we’ll show how to use Spring Cloud Configuration Server in order to segregate the property management process from the core microservice.

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  • Basics of Microservices - Part One: The Core

    This blog ticket is the first part of an article series aiming at demystifying the process of design and development of microservices with Spring Boot. This is not a Spring Boot documentation or tutorial and I assume the reader has the required exposure to this technology. It is rather a quick-start sample demonstrating some of the Spring Boot basics like messaging and REST services and allowing to jump directly to the code.

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